Realest of the Week

Tish, who has to be the first person averaging 3 PPG in his career to demand a trade. Note to Donnie Walsh and Larry Bird: Artest for Tish? I think the Pacers would be getting a steal....

Timberwolves Tskitishvili Issues Trade Demand
Dec 9 - One day after criticizing the Timberwolves for not living up to the promises of playing time, Nikoloz Tskitishvili told the St. Paul Pioneer Press Thursday that he wants to be traded. "I understand they're playing really well, but I'm tired," he said. "This is my fourth year. This is a little bit disrespect. You've got to give me a little chance, better than this."
Tskitishvili's agent, Ara Vartanian, said his client appreciates the opportunity the organization gave him, but a trade seems best for all parties.

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