This feels like our April Fools' joke, but we assure you it is not: Greg Paulus could be Michigan's starting quarterback this fall (FoxSports.com).

OK, it's definitely time for the Nic Cage Triplets Face:

So he's had more balls in his face over the last 4 years than Kobe Tai (as evidenced here, here, here and here).

And yes, we're already on the Tate Forcier bandwagon after one beautiful touchdown pass in the Spring Game.

But this is a GENIUS move by Rich Rodriguez. We don't have any more insight into Paulus' game than what you're already reading: He was unreal in high school and would be a perfect fit for the spread.

All we have to say right now is that it's about time Dick Rod started finding loopholes to exploit (seriously, what were we paying you for???) and we need all the QBs we can get when this dude's our backup.

Oh, and if this pisses off the rest of the coaches in the Big 10, all the better.

We are SO back.


Anonymous said...

Clips of balls on Kobe Tai on RedTube would be much better than the clips of balls on Greg Paulus on YouTube.

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Greg Paulus had a phenomenal performance for several games, but later I do not know what happened to him, he was not the same in the end of the season