Realest of the Last 2 Weeks

Have no fear - the Realest of the Week is here. There was a long drought in reality, but of course someone came to the rescue by making an ass of themself. From USA Today:

"Suspended Florida State quarterback Wyatt Sexton was taken to a hospital by police after they say observed him behaving strangely, laying in the street, and telling them that he was God.

Sexton was hospitalized Monday night and on Tuesday a Florida State official said he was still under medical care at an undisclosed location. He has not been charged with any crime.

An incident report by Tallahassee police officer Zachary Lyne said he was called to a residential neighborhood about a report of a man doing push ups in the street and acting strangely. Police said they'd also had a call from a different person about a man in the same location laying in the street and yelling at passersby, and another reporting the man had jumped on a car.

Lyne said he found Sexton in the middle of the road wearing only a wet pair of shorts.

The officer asked Sexton if he was OK and didn't get a response. He asked several times what the man's name was and eventually Sexton replied that he was God.

Once at the hospital, Sexton continued to say that he was God and that he didn't know why he was in the hospital, Lyne wrote in his report."

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This is the lamest excuse for a post ever.