Realest of the Week

Rasheed Wallace.

Good thing Sheed didn't guarantee Game 5. He first tried to lose the game by calling a non-existent timeout as time expired in regulation. After that attempt failed, he then doubled Manu Gifloppili in the corner to leave Robert Horry open for a game-winning three-pointer.

"Hey Sheed: hasn't Robert Horry scored the team's last 20 points - and, isn't it time to D him up?" No. Instead, Sheed did the "I'm running at you with my hand up from 5-feet away" defense, always a favorite.

"Ball don't lie."

He did it again? Haters no like ... Posted by Hello


Katie said...

yeah, that was a waste of time to stay up and watch that OT. And you're right, Your senior class definitely meant something to me, but I didn't know you guys as well. You're probably one of the few who even knows who I am.

Charles said...

I have no idea who Katie is. REALEST!