A Special Top Ten List

In honor of Ken's visit this last weekend (and his complaints about losing in the All-Real Tournament), we have decided to compile Ken's top ten real/non-real moments. Feel free to leave comments that tell us your own special Ken memories....here we go:

10. Ken receiving a bad meal this weekend, sending it back to the kitchen, and telling the waitress that it was the "worst meal I have ever had in my life."
9. Ken playing basketball in France on Tony Parker's team...no wait, against Tony Parker...no wait, in the same league as Tony Parker...no wait, in the same country as Tony Parker.
8. Ken getting a migraine and sleeping in the bathroom for two days in a row.
7. Ken wearing headbands to stop his hair from falling into his eyes.
6. Ken "macking" on girls at the law library - and by macking he means staring at them when their boyfriends aren't around.
5. Ken having to re-image his computer 6 times senior year because of all the porn-related viruses.
4. Ken snatching David Underwood's glove after a football game.
3a. Ken vs. Jim (Pt. 1) - Jim makes funny comments about Ken's "love life." Ken proceeds to grab one of his own golf clubs during one of our parties and demands that Jim hit him in the face.
3b. Ken vs. Jim (Pt. 2) - Jim is being obnoxious at the Jeopardy party, culminating in Ellen hitting Jim in the face with a metal pot. Despite my serious instigation attempts, Jim and Ken back down from an imminent fight and Ken goes to sleep at Maggie's house.
3c. Ken vs. Jim (Pt. 3) - Jim comes into the house screaming "Hovi's home" for half an hour straight. Ken threatens to kill Jim for an hour straight.
3d. Ken + Jim - Ken defends Jim after Jim starts crying about a poster that I made which proclaimed how much I hated him.
2a. That stupid fan that Ken used to drown out the noise from our house. It couldn't be kept in the room because it gave him nose bleeds. I think he used the fan to cover up the masturbation noises.
2b. That Drew Henson jersey that he wears to bed everynight.
1. Laura Barnes

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