Today was just another example of browsing YouTube and seeing a video that leaves you going, "How have I never seen this before?!"

For those like me, here is the 1994 Texas H.S. State Championship Game in which Plano East and John Tyler pull off the two of the biggest choke-jobs ever.

The Plano East announcers are just classic with their "Good-gosh-almighty" slang, especially the repeated "OH NO! OH NO!" at the end (not to mention: "I done went in my pants!"). Oh by the way, the John Tyler "hands team" is the Chicago Black Sox of high school football.

We can't confirm this, but we think this video was cut off right before they used the "N word."

Take a look:

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fcasey said...

I think he says "I done wet my britches," which is even better.

Is it just me, or do some Texans sound like Goofy when they talk: "Oh, Gawrsh!"