We want you all to know that it's not just video games, Jay-Z, and Waverly Diner around here. The Realests take the time to parse through the pressing political issues of the day. We just choose to refrain from commenting most of the time because we assume our readers are smart enough not to listen to anything that we say. But we have a few things that we'd like to discuss briefly:

The 2008 Presidential Race

The race for the White House is starting up earlier than ever. We really haven't formed many opinions at this point, but we will at some point. Vote or Die, fools. Actually, on second thought, we have nothing important to say here. We'll let Chris Rock do it.

Don Imus

The guy is an idiot. He should have been fired. And all the people who are proclaiming free speech really have the argument all wrong. He was fired for what he said and that is perfectly fine because it was public pressure that brought him down and not some sort of government-imposed censorship. The First Amendment protects us from the Government, not each other. I like how Wilbon approached the topic.

And to the people, who are arguing over whether the comments were more racist or more sexist - you people are idiots too. How dare you sacrifice the revolution with your petty in-fighting?!?!

Steve Spurrier

Spurrier wants the Confederate flag taken off the State Capitol building. We applaud the fact that Spurrier doesn't think that the glorification of the brutal Confederate regime is something that should occur in the 21st century. This increases our total of people from/in South Carolina that we like. That list includes Kevin Garnett, Ken's family, and now, Steve Spurrier.

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