Another day, another almost-too-good-to-be-true story about Ricky Davis. From the Sports Guy's latest column:

"By the way, if we're keeping count this decade, Ricky leads the league in "crazy partying stories that have been passed around by everyone who follows the league but can't be confirmed by a firsthand witness who was actually there." He started taking on Bill Brasky proportions about three years ago.

My buddy's a trainer for the Grizzlies. ... He went out with Ricky Davis and some friends in Memphis a few years ago before a game, Ricky Davis dragged everyone over to Graceland, drank 19 bottles of Patrone and eventually tried to set the Elvis memorial on fire! And he played the next night and nearly put up a triple-double!"

First of all, "Patron" is spelled wrong. Second, I find it pretty hard to believe Rick Diesel drank 19 bottles of it. But hey, we'll give Ricky the benefit of the doubt on this one.

By the way, has there ever been a more fitting song for a highlight clip?

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Anonymous said...

If you had ever seen the Bill Brasky skit you would know that Simmons was parodying it with a fake Ricky Davis example.


Sorry he doesn't know how to spell the name of a brand of an overpriced alcohol that you wouldn't know if it wasn't in popular music. - Sports Guy Homer