Realest of the Last 2 Weeks

JBM Posted by Hello

First of all, everyone needs to relax on making us blog. I've gotten a lot of complaints for not putting up a Realest of the Week. Remember people: reading our blog is a priviledge, not a right.

On to our good friend "JBM". We are not using his name because people are searching the internet to try and bring him down.

If you haven't already heard the story, here is our version of it:

JBM gloats on the web about how sweet he is and how much everyone at work loves him. He then continues to talk about things that shouldn't be broadcast over the internet - such as getting drunk with his boss, and part of his conversation with the boss.

Some douche looking for trouble, finds this gloating and reports JBM to his boss. Boss man calls up JBM and asks him what in the world he is doing.

JBM has thus been rewarded with Realest of the Last 2 Weeks, for striking on two of the three core values of being real:

1) Being a jackass (preferably through self promotion)
2) Pissing a lot of people off
3) Not giving a fuck

JBM definitely didn't stick #3. He immediately took down his recent posts and promised never to blog again. Now if Brady were to leave the posts and add another one entitled "All Haters Blow Dick" - I give my word he will be awarded Realest of the Year.

That offer will remain on the table in case JBM changes his mind.