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Ahhhhh, it's that time again.

This week's Realest of the Week is a blast from the blast: Ron Mercer.

Yeah, bet you didn't think you'd hear that name again. This story brings up the troubling trend of athletes struggling to get ass (Jeremey LeSueur comes to mind).

According to the New York Post:

One of Mercer's pals approached publicist Kim Fields at the bar and asked her to give Mercer a "birthday hug." When she tried to shake his hand, he started yelling 'Fuck her!' 'Fuck her!' really loud.

"Then one of his friends started throwing gum at me. I felt kind of threatened... so I went outside." Fields says she next ran into Mercer and his posse at a hot dog stand right outside the club. After approaching the group and chiding them for their bad behavior, she turned to walk away and was hit in the back with a hot dog. "It was ridiculous," she said.

A Nets spokesman declined to comment.

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