My New York Friend!

I think I've finally found a friend in New York - on the Internet. We got hammered playing NBA Live 2005 and trying to bate this guy into a rematch, we talked a lot of shit. He clapped back with a lot of graphic stuff about bodily fluids being on our face. We were about to come to virtual blows. But then something funny happened. NBA Live brought about a mutual respect for one another. We lost twice more, before finally beating the guy at 5 in the morning. 1/2 of The Realests declared that he would sleep like a baby that night. Afterward, the guy said "Good game!" At first, I thought he was sarcastic. Then I realized he generally was happy for us. We talked (and by talked, I mean typed back and forth) a little bit longer about how we made each other better, when the impossible happened - he apologized for what he said earlier. It was amazing. It really put the game in perspective for me. I decided I had to apologize as well and then said that "What's important now is that you are my road dog". His response: "Likewise." I then accepted his invitation to be his NBA Live Buddy, so we can play again sometime in the near future. The only thing we haven't decided is when we are actually going to meet in person. Needless to say, I'm very excited.