Realest of the Week

Mike Tyson (who knew?).

From the Times of India (that's right, the Times of India):

"Mike Tyson is reportedly set to star in a porn film - with Jenna Jameson. The former boxing World Heavyweight Champion claims he is desperate for cash, after being hit with a tax bill for several million dollars, and a porn career is a tempting offer.

Said Tyson: "I need the money up front."

Boxing journalist Pedro Fernandez: "According to court documentation from Tyson's rape trial, his member is at least 14 inches long.

"If Tyson brings out some of the ferocity that made him a champion, he could definitely become a successful porn star."

I believe it was Jay-Z that said it best: "Give him money to eat, then next week he's broke/Cause when you sleep, he's reachin for your throat/Word on the street, you reap what you sew/Not out of fear but love, love for the game/Roc family first, we never change man."

Quick Poll: Who do you think has taken more shots to the face lately: Tyson or Jameson? Posted by Picasa

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