Realest of the Week

Lawrence Phillips - hands down (and I'm a little mad this story got so big because I had it picked out of a USA Today blurb four days ago).

Everyone knew LP was a horrible person, but a former national champion playing 15-year olds in a pickup game of football? It's like a McDonald's ad on crack.

From the AP:

Los Angeles - Former NFL running back Lawrence Phillips was charged Tuesday with multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon, two days after prosecutors say he drove into three teenagers who argued with him following a pickup football game.

He was charged with seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of child abuse and one count of hit and run. Phillips, 30, a star at Nebraska before the St. Louis Rams made him the sixth overall pick in the 1996 NFL draft, got into an argument with several young men after the pickup football game Sunday in LA.

He left the park, but returned and drove a black Honda onto the field, allegedly running into a group of young males. Three were hit, including two aged 14 and 15.
The car Phillips was driving had been reported stolen in San Diego earlier in the week.

Jay sums up LP's feelings for us: "I was doin' this shit when you was shittin' pampers" Posted by Picasa

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