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HBO Sports.

Although this piece was done 10 years ago, they do a great feature on Tommie Smith and John Carlos... and brought the bozacks on Brent Musburger. HBO went out of their way to mention a Musburger column after the Olympics, in which he said Smith and Carlos looked like nothing more than "black-skinned storm troopers".

Why does HBO only have the balls to mention this? With every graphic that says "Brent Musburger - CBS Sports" there should be fine print below that says "Called Tommie Smith and John Carlos black-skinned storm troopers". End of discussion.

Making it even worse, the exclusive interview Musburger got with them at the Games started his rapid ascension up the ranks and into the booth.

With the approval of Jay and his mom, I dipped into the "Superugly" lyrics just this once: "I came in ya Bentley backseat/Skeeted in Jeep/Left condoms in tha baby seat/Here n****/Tha gloves is off/The love is done/Its whateva, wheneva, howeva/N*** One" Posted by Picasa

"Y'all n**** would never finish that y'all be starting/Never could back up that shit y'all be talking/I make you famous/I put your face on milk cartons"Posted by Picasa

Note about last quote: We are starting to wonder how Jay's quotes always work so perfectly.... Were these bars about the Smith/Carlos beef with Musburger? Or were they about a future Jay-Z inspired blog that reports on such things? We are going to play each album over our blog (like you can do with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" on the Wizard of Oz).

Unfortunately, test results won't come back from the lab for awhile...

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