We don't want to jinx it - but we can't wait any longer: Is Chinese Fuckin' Democracy really being released on Nov. 23?

I don't think people understand that The Realests have been waiting on this album since middle school, when we wore our "Use Your Illusion II" shirts to class trying to impress the ladies.

I mean the whole album has become a running joke for a decade..

And the odds of Axl Rose actually being coherent long enough to make a full album at this point is the equivalent of watching a solar eclipse, winning the lottery, and getting struck by lightning at the same time (it's science...).

But we'll just come out and say it: We actually, finally believe this album is coming out.

Now we just need to decide which we'll look back on as a bigger day in demcroacy's history: this album dropping or the fall of the Berlin Wall.