I thought my head was going to explode when I heard the "Lloyd Carr to Syracuse" rumors.

But hey, there's been crazier shit on message boards (i.e. Jeff McInnis sleeping with Phil Ford's wife, which has surprisingly stood the test of time).

But what's even more insane is that from looking at these sites, Syracuse fans actually seem EXCITED about the possibility of hiring Lloyd.

I keep seeing phrases like "instant credibility", "big-name coach" and "great recruiter." This even lists him as the No. 2 candidate behind Lane Kiffin (don't even get us started on that).

Syracuse fans: Get a grip.

I know you'll settle for just about anyone other than G Rob at this point, but this is a 63-year old coach with a 4-play offense (off-tackle, draw, TE over the middle, reverse) that was running on fumes for the entire 2007 season and still doesn't have a clue how to stop the spread (he's probably already having nightmares about facing the Wildcat formation Pitt is murdering people with).

Our hunch? The 'Cuse wants the low-down on Ball State coach and former Michigan assistant Brady Hoke. Think big Orange fans!