Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips' reaction to the Roy Williams trade:

"What do you mean how do I feeeeel about Roy Willyums? Same way I felt about him last week: It's been all downhill since he dumped the gurrrl from Destiny's Chiiild and the boy can't coverrrr fo shit no mo...."

"Well now I didn't say we wurr movin' him to wideout, that just make no damnnnn since, boia!!!!!"

"Wait, what da heeell are you trying to tell me??? Out with it sunnnn!!!!!"

"So your sayin' there's two of 'um?!?! So there's the Roy Willyums I know -- and then there's anuther wuunnn we just got from DEEEE-troit??? OK, and I'm fuckin' Santa Claus..."

"What trade you damn fuuuuls?!?! You must think I'm a pretty stupid somabitch to believe we traded Roy Williams to ourselves!!!!!"

Upon confirmation that Dallas had, in fact, acquired another Roy Williams from Cowboys PR standing next to him, he leaned over and started massaging his temples.

And then his head exploded.


Anonymous said...

yall mufukers know shit is gonna be poppin in dallas cause of this trade, you can feel it in the air down here!

calvinjohnsonisthenewbarrysanders said...

weak post. actually the last 3 all have been.

scramble said...

weak post gimme a break this posr confirms the realests are back