So we're watching the Kansas-Texas Tech game when the announcers introduce us to 6-7, 350-pound Red Raiders O-lineman Brandon Carter - nicknamed "Mankind" after former pro wrestler Mick Foley (also a psycho).

Um, how many red flags do you need that someone is doing an insane amount of anabolic steroids?

Dude looks like the psycho DE Lattimer from "The Program" and Andre Ware even said his pre-game ritual is biting the heads off bats in the locker room.

OK, we made that part up.

But he's at least smashing his head into car windows in the parking lot:


Anonymous said...

yeahh... you're not tip-toeing past this one... PENN STATE FOOTBALL BABY!!! OWN UP SON.

College Football Guys said...

Nicely done. Couldn't agree with you more!

Anonymous said...

close, but not quite. the 'roids freak from the program was a d. end.

Anonymous said...

That psycho was Steve Lattimer. Lattimer wasn't a linebacker. The would be Alvin Mack, the one who broke his leg. Lattimer was a defensive tackle.

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