Just got through with the much-hyped Mitch Albom story in SI in which he waxes poetic about everything from The Big Three to the Detroit Lions. And we gotta admit: There are parts he absolutely NAILS it. The ending, for example: Phenomenal.

No one ever said the man can't write.

It did drag a little long and the rhetorical questions got a little old, but it's definitely worth a read for any UM alum.

But there's just one graph we can't get over as he sets up this Shakespearean tragedy for us:

"The Tigers were supposed to win big last season; they finished last in their division. Michigan got a new football coach with a spread offense and an eye on a national championship; the Wolverines had their first losing season since 1967."

An eye on a national championship? Who you trying to get crazy with Ese?

Mitch, baby, this is where you always get in trouble. You're writing the lights out on another gem when a fact doesn't quite fit into your story (i.e. not even the craziest of Michigan fans thought we were going to win the Big 10, much less the nati), so you embellish and just jam it in there anyway like a square peg into a round hole.

A real shame. One detail tarnishes a whole story. Typical Albom.


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