There were a lot of horrible people in 2008 that deserved this award, but it's really been a one-man race for the last 3 months.

Without further adieu, we here at The Realests would like to congratulate Stephon Marbury on being named this year's R.O.Y.

The man's been a cancer everywhere he's gone (Minnesota, New Jersey, Phoenix), but his current stop in New York has transformed him into "The Dark Angel of Death" - to quote Tony Kornheiser.

Seriosly, we challenge anyone to think of a bigger team cancer than Steph right now. T.O. as an Eagle was comparable, but the gigantic difference here is that Marbury's still gettin' paid!

Only in America can the following take place:

- Employer asks you to work
- You tell them to "Fuck off"
- You still get $22 million to sit on your ass!

And let's not forget Steph's completely incoherent rant just a couple weeks back and that absurd head tattoo he got over the summer (Editor's Note: We highly recommend anyone pondering a shot at 2009 R.O.Y. to get a face or head tattoo).

And when Steph says he has the greatest job in the world, he's not exaggerating. He actually does. While the Knicks are going through another brutal season, Starbury is hitting up Peanuts in L.A. and bubblin' in Dublin (big props to the first person that can identify that quote) - when he's not taking in Knicks games courtside.

And be sure to check out his recent blog post on the New York Post's site where Stephon goes philosophical on us.

Welcome Steph, to the most exclusive of fraternities:

2007 R.O.Y.: Akon
2006 R.O.Y.: The Realests
2005 R.O.Y.: Arizona Bum

And finally: In any normal year, these would all have been deserving of R.O.Y. honors. We salute you too, gentlemen.

Honorable Mention:
- Rod Blagojevich
- Kevin Garnett
- Bill O'Reilly
- Weezy F. Baby
- Pesky The Excitable Boy

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Jay-Z, I Just Wanna Love You.