We'd all but given 2008 Realest of the Year honors to Chad Ocho Cinco after he legally changed his name. When the NFL put the kibosh on his new jersey, we were expecting a complete circus. Instead? The guy hasn't acted a fool once. We guess he's too busy playing crap football.

Well Stephon Marbury is setting the new standard for NBA cancers (watch your back, Ricky D) by - this season alone - refusing to play and blasting his teammates on the way out the door:

"They left me out for dead. It's like we're in a foxhole and I'm facing the other way. If I got shot in the head, at least you want to get shot by the enemy. I got shot in the head by my own guys in my foxhole. And they didn't even give me an honorable death."

Stephon: At no point were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. We award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

Editor's Note: So true, Singer... Plax will get his due.

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Singer said...

What about Plaxico? As soon as I heard about him shooting himself, I thought he'd be a candidate for ROY.