Bray, we tried to warn you last night. Every time you open your mouth, bad shit happens.

Cleveland fans are irate in response to Edwards' post-MNF interview. Here are some choice cuts:

"Since day one I've been a marked man coming from Michigan."

Bray, are you really playing that card? Cleveland might be Ohio State Country but that's really weak. The fact is Cleveland is full of Neanderthals that chuck beers on the field, heckle opponents over their dead mothers and break their QBs down to tears. Toughen up.

"I've learned being here I'm very under appreciated, not by the organization..not the organization, but in the eyes of the fans and the city."

Your team is 4-10 and hasn't scored a TD in four games and you're among the league leader in drops. What exactly is the correct level of appreciation for that output again? Hey, weren't you just comparing yourself to LeBron?

"It's not even frustrating anymore...I mean it's been that way, we haven't scored a touchdown in four games..which is pretty embarrassing..so for me it's not even frustrating anymore."

Oh boy, the old "I'm only looking out for No. 1" routine. That will surely win over Browns fans!

"Right now I'm having fun - I mean we didn't win the game but I was out there and when I lined up I was having fun."

You have fun getting the shit kicked out of you? Herm Edwards would like to see you for a second: