A real head-scratcher from former Michigan assistant Brady Hoke, who has reportedly taken the job at San Diego State University (no word on whether Stan "The Man" Parrish will be joining him, but we assume that's the case).

Is this really the best a 12-1 season at Ball State will get you???

Obviously if the Aztecs AD lost his mind SMU-style and threw truck loads of money at Hoke, then stop reading this post now.

But we don't see that happening at a school that hasn't had a winning record in an entire decade. Or maybe Marshall Faulk is coming back for a second tour of duty.

How this looks - as of now - is that Hoke got stuck standing up during a game of musical chairs. Said to be in the running for the Auburn job, this seems like a complete knee-jerk reaction to ditch his alma mater for the slightest step up the coaching ladder.

Yeah, a lot of jobs just got taken (K-State, Syracuse, Auburn, Clemson and Mississippi State).

But why in the world take the job now when there are openings at BCS schools like Washington and Iowa State (Update: How could we forget Steve Sarkisian like that?!)?

If nothing else, why not stick around for one more year, ride Nate Davis' coat tails to another MAC crown and wait for possible openings at schools like Louisville, Notre Dame, Indiana, Colorado and The U.?

Are we missing something here???

Mark our words: He'll regret this decision next year when he's stuck inside the armpit known as Qualcomm Stadium while Buffalo's Turner Gill is naming his price.


Oops Pow Surprise said...

It's that or going back to being the sidekick on CYE.

Anonymous said...

You're definitely missing the fact that the Washington job got filled about a week ago.

Anonymous said...

Another year of Letterman was too much.

Alan said...

The problem starts at the top. Total incompetence from those above him.

Alums, including myself, are quite fed up with the leadership.

Bob said...

Getting your salary tripled and living in some of the best weather in the country is not all bad.

There is always that California recruiting as well.