The Tommy Amaker Coaching Tree is in serious jeopardy of getting chopped down after its lone branch, Eastern Michigan coach Charles Ramsey, was suspended yesterday for three days after an altercation with a student.

EMU says it was "nothing serious" but the suspension says otherwise.

We aren't tied into the Ypsilanti Rumor Mill and have no idea what Ramsey did, but it sure sounds like Ramsey flipped a heckler the bird or something of that nature.

That's not good when your coaching record is 36-63 - even at Eastern.

But hey, we hear Boston is lovely this time of year...

Editor's Note: Simply put: We almost lost to a Savannah State team that just got clubbed by Georgetown, 100-38. But who needs polls when we've got our dancin' shoes on?!?!

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Forest said...

In other news, why is the UM Men's Basketball program still unranked after taking out two top-five teams?