Not Tim Tebow - Bob Tebow.

If you are not watching the College Football Awards on ESPN, you are missing out on some of the greatest unintentional comedy in televised history.

After Hannah Storm's eloquent feature on Tim Tebow circumsizing kids in Southeast Asia, his dad, Bob, dropped this bombshell when asked by Lee Corso what made him most proud as a father.

"I'm the most proud of how he treats people. I remember after his freshman year - the LSU game - when he had that first jump pass and you guys were talking about him on national television.

Later that night, we went to dinner and a little boy kind of hovering behind him and didn't know what to say. Timmy sensed him and turned around and talked to him for awhile and found something for him to sign and gave it to him.

And I turned to him and said, 'Son, that was the best play of the day.' "

Wait... is this guy for real???

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