After ending its 13-year bowl drought last season, it's back to the cellar for the boys from Bloomington with question marks everywhere on offense.

2007 Preview: Here
2007 Record: 7-6 (3-5)
Projected 2008 Finish: 10th
Returning Starters: 14
Head Coach: Bill Lynch
Best Player: QB Kellen Lewis

Good News:

- You can argue the Big Ten's best quarterback is Curtis Painter, but for our money Lewis is tops.

- You know Fresno State's "Anyone. Anytime. Any time." slogan? At IU, it's the exact opposite. They start off with powerhouses Western Kentucky and Murray State, then have the easiest schedule in the Big Ten - AGAIN. That means no Michigan or Ohio State - AGAIN. Hey, can we get two years off of playing Ohio State???

- Defensive end Greg Middleton is a 2009 first round draft pick. Enjoy those triple teams, hoss.

Not-So-Good News:

- Lewis has been suspended since prior to the Spring Game for a violation of team rules. A circus has ensued as IU fans beg for his reinstatement.

- 6-7 WR and touchdown machine James Hardy bolted early for the NFL. Three starting linemen are gone. Get used to the picture above - whoever's playing QB will be running for their life.

- After a decent start to 2007, the IU defense was exposed as a fraud. The wheels came flying off in the last 6 weeks, giving up 52 points to State and 49 to Oklahoma State in the Insight Bowl.

- Still wondering who the hell Bill Lynch is? The guy couldn't hack it at Ball State and was coaching at DePauw four years ago. We'd rather have Stan Parrish running our team (seriously, is this guy an offensive genius now?).


Only at Indiana is a 3-win Big Ten season considered a success. Well they won't match that total this year with or without Kellen Lewis. Oh yeah, note to Bill Lynch: End Lewis' suspension already - the sham is up. I'm sure the classic summer suspension has taught Lewis a lot but does anyone really think Lynch will boot his meal ticket? Didn't think so.

Indiana and its spread attack should still be able to put up some points against crappy Big Ten defenses, but will lay an egg whenever they face a real D (see last year's 33-3 loss to Wisconsin). And without Terry Hoeppner on the recruiting trail, Indiana will be stuck in the Big Ten basement for the forseeable future.


Anonymous said...

Nice objective post.....I see you really did your homework....dws

Anonymous said...

This seems about as accurate as your prediction on IU last year- not sure you got anything right.

Anonymous said...

This is not at all accurate or funny.

Anonymous said...

"Only at Indiana is a 3-win Big Ten season considered a success."

LMFAO! It's funny, because it is so true. If you look at their historic season last year, it might give you goose bumps. They won 3 Big Ten games and destroyed Purdue (at home) by 3 points. A very historic season!