So we're perusing through our hundreds and hundreds of fan mail from over the weekend when we stumble across a rather nasty note from some schmo called Alex Esselink with the cryptic subject header, "Your site."

It reads:

just heads up... you guys suck

Alex Esselink

Well Alex, thanks so much for writing in! We've always been proud of or special gift to enrage jerkoffs like yourself. But please Alex, don't spend any more of your time thinking about us mere blogging mortals and instead focus on your burgeoning journalism career.

Yours truly,

The Realests

Please feel free to drop Alex a line at alex@cffinsider.com and help fight pathetic, no-talent-ass-clown, bitter-at-the-world, bottom-feeding sports journalists everywhere.


amish said...

I tried to visit that site and my browser (FF3) told me it was an attack site and wouldn't let me visit it. Great job, Alex.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

Nice mugshot, A-Bomb! Is that your patented Ladyslayer Gaze???

no-talent-ass-clown said...

Noticed a solid up tick in hate mail and death threats in the mailbox this week. Thanks for the blog link! Give a special shout out and well wishes to blogaholic911 for me.

FWIW, TIA, FTR...I'm actually a fan of your site.

Your Little Sprout,