That Braylon Edwards - he never stops cracking us up.

There's a feature on him "going Hollywood" in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine. We were rolling on the floor after reading this quote from Bray before he entered a meeting with L.A. bigwigs:

The 25-year-old Browns receiver's ensemble was carefully designed, he says, to show he's professional and fun. Even his fragrance, Bond No. 9, serves a higher purpose. "It's my war cologne," he says. "It's a strong, masculine scent. I wear it when I'm trying to show confidence or be dominant."

Say what??? Seriously, how does dude say that with a straight face?

This guy deserves some serious props for completely transforming his image from prima donna to media darling - and becoming a top 10 NFL receiver.

But admit it. The guy's still got a little R. Kelly in him...

P.S. How about the immortal Hayes Grooms cashing in as his business manager?! Yeah Hayes!

Editor's Note: You have no idea how much sleep we lost deciding R.O.W. honors between Braylon and Will from The Real World, who: 

A) Cheated on his girlfriend in Cancun. 

B) Had a foursome after the girlfriend dumped him.

C) Didn't tell her about said foursome when given a second chance and made himself cry to get back in her good graces.

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Anonymous said...

i think we're all excited about the follow up on will's relationship. that was great tv.