We get a lot of so-called "Michigan fans" on this site. We'll see about that.

After throwing you a couple softballs on these quizzes, it's time for a real brain-buster that puts Jake Long's career in perspective for you:

Q. As has been oft-repeated, Jake Long was called for 2 penalties and allowed 2 sacks during his Michigan career. Name the year and opponent for each miscue.

The first person to guess correctly gets a free Michigan Cato June jersey and a $10 gift certificate to his favorite place in Ann Arbor - Cava Java!

Editor's Note: Two down, two to go. And no, we're not going to tell you which two are right. Is this the best you've got?

Editor's Note #2: Once again we've challenged our readers and been blown away by your response. Honestly, we didn't even know who the holding call was against during Long's freshman year, but you've convinced us, DH. Is that short for Daniel Horton by the way? You always were a Michigan Man...


Anonymous said...

Vernon Gholston SMOKED his ass in last year's OSU game

Anonymous said...

false start against northwestern is redshirt freshman year

holding penalty redshirt freshman year... i dont know the team

vernon gholston sack,
msu sack- redshirt freshman year

Anonymous said...

that was zubino

Anonymous said...

vernon gholston sack was senior year

this was zubino again

Anonymous said...

The false start was this past year against Northwestern. The holding penalty was his Redshirt Freshman year against Notre Dame.

The two sacks: One was this year against Ohio State (Gholston) the other was his Redshirt Freshman year against Michigan State (Kevin Vickerson maybe?). One as a right tackle, one as a left tackle.

- DH