We don't normally recommend other blogs, because 99.9% of them are crap.

But while scanning the blogosphere we found something definitely worthy of your blogroll:


Never heard of it? Well brace yourself because it's Josh Moore's blog. That's right, the same Josh Moore that's cousins with Shaquille O'Neal and did more hacking in his time at UM than a lumberjack.

Yes, we were also surprised Josh Moore is literate.

"Big J" - as he likes to be called - actually has quite the interesting site and is the self-proclaimed "world's largest social commentator." He blogs about everything from international peace to the death of Bernie Mac and even has a segment called "Clown Status!" that resembles the "Realest of the Week".

Apparently Josh Moore got really involved in politics while playing overseas in Iran (we're assuming there are no fouls in this country). The Wall Street Journal even profiled this guy!

Now back in the States, Big J is coaching high school hoops and appears to be back in school.

Good for Josh. He was a terrible basketball player and symbolized everything that was wrong with Michigan hoops (remember the hype around this guy?), but he's a genuinely nice guy and got a great sense of humor.

BTW, anyone know of Avery Queen's whereabouts?

Anyway, we are currently in the process of trying to collaborate for a Josh Moore Q&A.

Stay tuned...

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