How has no one drawn the Sasha Cohen-Alicia Sacramone comparison?

Do we have to do everything around here?!?!

Both were poised to be on a Wheaties box and rake in millions of endorsements until they choked away the gold. Well we here at The Realests were nice enough to think of a consolation prize: the title of Hottest Olympic Goat.

So which do you prefer: the Rachel Bilson look-alike or Kristen Cavallari clone?

Vote now. Or die.




Anonymous said...

That pic of Alicia is very flattering- it makes it look like her neck isn't wider than her face. Which it totally is.

Jeff said...

Totally agree w/ poster above... That was the first thing I noticed the other night. I looked over at the wife and said "is it just me or is her goddamn neck bigger than Barry Bonds'?!?!"

Tunez said...

Isn't Sacha Cohen the dude who plays Borat? And after seeing the booty shot of Alicia (the one Lebron was looking at) I gotta go with the Sacramone

Anonymous said...

That picture of Lebron looking at that chick isn't Sacramone. The picture was taken at the pool, so I assume it is some American swimmer.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the appeal of Sacha Coen. She's not hot and she has the same body I had as an 8 year old boy. As for that other musclebound hosebag, is she even old enough to look at?