Kickoff isn't even 24 hours away and we're already popcorning in our apartment.

Is it just us, or are you not even more excited for this season of Michigan football than '07? Yeah, we were national title contenders but the attitude was A) Let's hope Lloyd doesn't screw this up (he did) and B) Let's just go straight to the Ohio State game.

Now there's just this nervous energy like before starting college, having no idea what to expect. We could completely fall on our face or the spread could operate like clockwork from the beginning and we put up 50 on Utah (not likely, but you know somewhere deep down inside - in a place even Lloyd Carr couldn't turn to pessimism - you're holding out hope for this to happen).

All we know is that the Big House is going to absolutely nuts (or as nuts as the Big House gets) tomorrow at 3:30. Hype it.

To pass the time until then, take a look into the future with our college football predictions (need we remind you of our previous projections???):

ACC winner: Clemson
Big East winner: USF
Big 10 winner: Ohio St.
Big 12 winner: Missouri
SEC winner: Georgia
Pac-10 winner: USC
Heisman Winner: RB Beanie Wells
Rose Bowl: USC vs. Wisconsin
Sugar Bowl: USF vs. Florida
Fiesta Bowl: Missouri vs. Auburn
Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Oklahoma
BCS Title Game: Ohio State vs. Georgia
National Champion: Georgia
Michigan's Record: 6-6
Sleeper: Arizona
Super Sleeper: Temple
Ov-er Ra-ted!: Texas
2009 NFL Draft No. 1 Overall Pick: QB Tim Tebow
Date Greg Robinson is fired (spare the kitties!!!!): Thanksgiving Day