We have a copycat on our hands, folks - no pun intended.

Everyone knows about the Washington booster that will donate $200k if Ty Willingham and AD Todd Turner get whacked.

That already had us deeply disturbed. Are crazy college football fans really resorting to terrorism to get their way?

But this... this just makes us sick to our stomach.

An insider at The Realests has informed us that a Syracuse booster has taken an even more drastic measure in an attempt to fire football coach Greg Robinson, who has gone 7-28 in his 3 years at the 'Cuse.

What is the threat, you ask:

Killing a kitten every day until Robinson is fired.

Pictured above is the late Mister Bojangles, who was found dead in a Syracuse back alley just hours ago.

Usually we are unconditionally against negotiating with terrorists, but this is just too much.

It's times like this when we ask ourselves, "What Would Jack Bauer Do?" Fortunately, we already know the answer after watching Jack execute Ryan Chappelle in Season 4 (man, remember when 24 was sweet?)

We're pleading with AD Daryl Gross and coach Robinson to resolve this peacefully.

Please don't let Mister Bojangles die in vain....


=M= said...

$20 says the dead cats end up in Solvay.

/Central NY joke

Mobile Bookmaking said...

Oh my God, what is he waiting for???? he must fire Robinson!!! I do not want that kitten dead!!! LMAO!