It hasn't even started, and the Super Bowl is already a letdown.

Why's that?

Well if you recall, the Glendale stadium where it's going to be played was almost (we're using this very leniantly) named Pink Taco Stadium (if you haven't eaten there at the Hard Rock in Vegas, two very enthusiastic thumbs up from The Realests)

Just imagine the comedy:

- The endless jokes about the first game inside a pink taco

- Bill Simmons revolving his entire week around it

- Joe Buck joking, "Who needs the Lingerie Bowl when you've got a giant Pink Taco right here?"

- Troy Aikman trying to convince 100 million people that he, in fact, LOVES Pink Taco and will eat one on the air if he has to prove it!

What are we left with instead? University of Phoenix Stadium. Where's the fun in that?

Leave it to the Arizona Cardinals to ruin the Super Bowl...


Scott said...

I'll give another set of thumbs up on the Pink Taco in Vegas.

Omar Cruz said...

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Anonymous said...

Aikman line was funny