As a rule, we 100% condone kicking someone while they are down. But we're making an exception for the 49ers of all things.

The entire nation has turned on San Fran. after they gift-wrapped the 7th overall pick in the 2008 Draft for the Pats and gave them the pick that eventually landed Randy Moss from Oakland. But let's look over this sequence of events, and determine the real idiots here, broheims:

Trade #1 (9.12.2006)

Seahawks Get:
- WR Deion Branch

Patriots Get:
- 2007 first round pick (#24 overall: S Brandon Meriweather)

Trade #2 (4.28.2007)

49ers Get:
- #28 pick in 2007 Draft (OT Joe Staley)

Patriots Get:
- 2008 first round pick in 2008 Draft (#7 overall)
- #110 overall pick in 2007 Draft

Trade #3 (4.29.2007)

Raiders Get:
- #110 overall pick in 2007 Draft (CB John Bowie)

Patriots Get:
- WR Randy Moss

Now giving up the #7 pick makes them look bad, but the Niners appear to have a franchise tackle in Joe Staley, which is certainly worthy of a 7-Spot in any draft. The Seahawks and Raiders however? Not so much.

Getting Seattle's first rounder last year gave New England the flexibility to make the 49ers trade that they otherwise probably couldn't have. Since getting traded to Seattle, Branch's numbers have been average - the guy was supplanted by Bobby F. Engram as the Seahawks' go-to guy - and now he is out at least 9 months after blowing out his ACL. Did we mention he's making as much as Reggie Wayne?

As for John Bowie, do you really want to know? 1 tackle. Yep, 1. Keep up the good work, Al.


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