Alright folks, we give you a D+ on effort for this quiz, although it was still a big improvement from last time. Baby steps, people.

With our annual Super Bowl diary just hours away, it's time to reveal the only Tecmo Super Bowl players left in the NFL (pictured in their team at the time).

In honor of Lost's return to television, we have dubbed this group of geezers (Anderson, Feagles, Vinny, Carney) and juicers (Seau) The Tecmo 5.


#1. Junior Seau

#2. Jeff Feagles

#3. Morten Anderson

#4. Vinny Testaverde

#5. John Carney

Apologies to Morten Anderson for the black and white photo. Dude might be the oldest NFL player, but he isn't that old.

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