Nothing will ever top this Kayne West/Mike Meyers moment, but Nas is making a real play for Kanye's title of "Most socially conscientious rapper"... and by that we mean "he just sounds crazy as hell."

On Sunday, Nas strolled onto the Grammy's red carpet with a "N*****" t-shirt to promote his upcoming album of the same name. But it's what follows that puts him in the driver's seat for Realest of the Year:

In an attempt to make our blog more handicap-friendly, here's the transcript:

Q: What kind of message are you hoping to send with that new album and with the title?

A: It's all the experiences we go through every day -- all ethnicities, black, white, indifferent. We've all been discriminated at some point whether it's in the Dominican Republic, whether it's China, whether it's Iraq where soldiers get their heads blown off for reasons we don't know why. The meaning of the word is supposed to be ignorant, so there is money being made off us poor so called ignorant people, no longer are black people n*****s, today it's also me and you.

(Pause. More pause.)

Q: So you're thinking about your upcoming album as well...

A couple things:

#1) I'm glad someone has finally mentioned the plight of the indifferent race.

#2) I don't care how many meanings of the word evolve, Brooke Anderson will never, ever be a n*****.

#3) With the 23 years comment, Nas is approaching Looney Tunes territory occupied by 9/11 conspiracists and Darren Daulton.

And who said hip hop is dead?

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Anonymous said...

i think his point was brilliant... to the elite, we are all "(the name of his new record)"... he's still illmatic.

o$u sucks