Rehashing one of my greatest sports moments of all-time, I came across this video of current Duke assistant Steve Wojciechowski having an epileptic seizure on the court of the 1998 Elite 8.

And people wonder why we hate Duke and Billy Packer?

This is an absolute classic. If you think Mike Patrick overreacted during the Greg Paulus-Florida State shenanigans, you gotta love Packer basically accusing Jamaal Magloire of attempted murder.

Especially when the replay shows Wojo was flopping like a fish out of water and then. Then, a minute after acting like he broke his arm in 10 places, Wojo's back up and clapping. Instead of pondering this medical miracle, Jimmy and Billy praise him again for his toughness. Unreal.

By the way, we're now less than a month away from March Madness. Get hyped.