(Editor's Note: Man, bet you're wondering why didn't we think of changing Unrealest of the Week to Fakest of the Week earlier? Because we're dopes. That's why.)

We know this happened over the weekend but somebody needs to come out and say it: Kobe Bryan't ejection from the Sonics game was the most contrived, pathetic, insincere effort at #24 trying to be a leader we've ever seen.

The guy is a complete fougaisie and here are five examples to prove it:

T-5. Changing from #8 to #24 for a fresh start - who is this guy, Puff Daddy?

T-5. Giving himself the nickname Black Mamba. Again: who is this guy, Puff Daddy?

4. Paying tribute to his wife, Vanessa, by getting tattoes... huh? I mean a $4 million ring, at least she can sell that shit off.

3. Jocking M.J.'s style on everything from giving interviews to chewing gum.

2. Holding back tears, holding his wife's hand and mumblin' "I'm innocent" to himself at press conference following sexual assault charges.

1. Kobe "wilin' out" on ref Brian Forte:

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