Chris Tamburello - better known as C.T. - is our favorite Real Worlder ever. He's like the "frat older brother who sexually degraded and beat the shit out of me all the time" that we never had. Oh yeah, and he looks like a freakin' Calvin Klein model! (Relax Dizzle, we're mocking another person on the show.)

To honor his greatest moments of Real World/Challenge history, we count down C.T.'s greatest hits. Enjoy.

5. Any questions?

4. "I'll break ya neck!" - C.T. screaming at Wes after losing to Brad and crying like a baby in The Duel.

3. "Why'd I leave the house? Because I'm a threat to society." - C.T. after getting booted from The Inferno III for jacking Davis in the face.

2. "When I'ma get mine?" - C.T. to Diem in Episode 1 of The Gauntlet III. We still have no idea what the hell he was talking about.

1. "I will work you dog. I. WILL. WORK. YOU!!!!!!!!" - C.T. to Adam in Real World: Paris. If you haven't seen this, your life is not complete.


Tony said...

Nice homoerotic post guys... seriously.. way to be mancrushing hard Realests

david said...

How about last night's episode of gauntlet 3 where he gives a diatribe about "trimming the fat" (women from veterans) while wearing a ridiculous hat and getting screamed at by all the women.