We know what you're thinking: What the hell was Charlie Batch doing at Terrelle Pryor's press conference today?

We've been curious about their relationship for awhile since Batch is quoted in almost every Pryor story. Through our intrepid research, we discovered:

#1) Pryor met Batch at his annual summer league basketball camp (wait, doesn't Batch play football?). Batch has also become good friends with Pitt star freshman DeJuan Blair.

#2) Batch is especially close with Pryor's family because the NFL QB's brother is dating Pryor's aunt.

Batch accompanied Pryor on his visit to Michigan and is expected to travel to Eugene for the Oregon visit. Shouldn't an NFL quarterback have better things to do, like practice or make a drunken fool of himself?

In all seriousness, Batch does a ton of community service and should be commended, but the comedy of a washed-up QB riding Pryor's coat tails is really hard to ignore. Drew Henson, are you taking notes?

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