Maybe we're just too old for this shit, but it's really hard to listen to rap right now. You turn on BET and you're either hit with "Yah Trick Yah!" or the latest garbage from Hurricane Chris.

As noted earlier, Nas could be losing his marbles. And Jay-Z's latest stuff? Don't get us started.

So we figured we'd check in on Eminem's supposed upcoming release this year, King Mathers, which we've been skeptical about all along. I mean, we've been waiting on Chinese Democracy for almost 20 years now.

(There should really be a line in Vegas on which will come first: the Guns 'N Roses album or an actual Chinese Democracy... now that we think of it, is this Axl Rose's silent protest?).

Judging from the picture below, we aren't optimistic: It looks like Eminem has "pulled a Janet."

I mean, how can Em be expected to put out a good album when he can't even fit inside the damn studio? Snap!