You gotta feel for Tom Coughlin right now. This guy's been through it all.

Run out of Jacksonville in 2002 after leading the Jags to 2 AFC Championship Games, he's been on the hot seat since Day 1 with the Giants. After last year's collapse, the entire city mutinied on him and Tiki blamed Terrible Tom for his retirement. He was even listed on this blog just months ago as the 9th worst coach in football, right behind Karl Dorrell. In fact, if the Giants had lost to Tampa two weeks ago, his ass would probably be grass right now.

And now this.

In case you were left wondering, "Gee, I hope Tom Coughlin's face is OK..." after he endured blistering frostbite on his face during yesterday's win over the Packers, well... it's not.

Coughlin showed up at his Monday presser like this:

Luckily, Coughlin said he has been in touch with Jerry Jones' and Meg Ryan's face surgeons and has planned for an emergency operation the day after the Super Bowl. Saying he didn't want to be a distraction, Coughlin abruptly ended the news conference without taking questions and walked off stage doing the Tony Yayo "I Can't Feel My Face" move.

Needless to say, this goes beyond football and our thoughts are with Coughlin, his family and his face at this time.

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