Unlike our last quiz, this can be immediately looked up on Wikipedia (actually, even it is missing one of the players). So if you want to know the answer, just do that. But don't ruin the Festivus for the rest of us.

Today's quiz question:

How many players from Tecmo Super Bowl are still in the NFL? Name them. (Hint: 2 of them are in the Super Bowl.)

Let's hope we get a little more interaction than last time, people.

And if you're really, really bored today, watch this video in a loop (Note: The Realests are not responsible for epileptic seizures that result).

(Update: Maceo Baston has correctly identified the two Super Bowl players in the comments section. Pretty sad Baston is a part of our "glory days," isn't it?

Butt has nailed player No. 3. Two players left, who will step up to the challenge?)


Maceo Baston said...

Seau and Feagles

Butt said...

Morten Anderson?

Butt said...

Morten Anderson?

KJ said...

Curt Warner! Oh wait...