You know, we try and do something fun, something a little interactive with our readers and what happens? We got one response.

SO SORRY TO INTERRRRRUPT!!!!!!!! We're slaving away here like grease monkeys on the blog and you can't find time in your busy schedules to post a guess?

The hell with it.

Here are your answers, you bums:

Q#1: How many NCAA Division I-A ("Football Bowl Subdivision" - whatever you want to call it) teams do not have the word "University" in their full title? Name them.

A#1: 5

- Army
- Navy
- Air Force
- Boston College
- Georgia Tech

The flip of all flips is that, like their nickname and mascot, Virginia Tech's name makes no sense. Virginia Tech is actually "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University." Ken, where were you on that one?

Q#2: How many college basketball teams are currently in Division I?

A#2: 341

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