Why do I get the feeling no one got my Cliffhanger reference?

Oh forget it.

We've just come across the best bit of trivia since our schools with Super Bowl QBs & Presidents question that everyone and their mom ended up jacking.

We're not even sure Myles Brand himself could get this one (Myles, stop dressing like a 13th century King of England!):

How many NCAA Division I-A ("Football Bowl Subdivision" - whatever you want to call it) teams do not have the word "University" in their full title? Name them.

And if you figure that out, take a bite of this shit sandwich:

How many college basketball teams are currently in Division I?

Editor's Note #1: Oops Pow Surprise is on the right track with #1, but incorrect. #2 is also incorrect. Any other takers?

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Oops Pow Surprise said...

Let's do this. There's Boston College, Virginia Tech (VPI), Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, USAFA, Army, Navy. And I'm pretty sure Troy doesn't go by anything but "Troy," and that "Troy State University" is some straight up bullshit. That's all I've got.

Also I think there's 339 CB teams.