Well Lloyd Carr really flipped the script on us yesterday didn't he?

With Michigan fans everywhere bracing for an embarrassing end to Carr's tenure, Lloyd rallied the troops one last time. You'd think we just lost Vince Lombardi from the media's reaction to the game.

Some thoughts:

- We know what you and every other fatalist Michigan fan is thinking: "Where was this offense all year?! How did we get just 100 yards against Ohio State?!" Chad Henne put it best, saying afterward Michigan showed "the team we could have been." There are really no answers here. The broadcasters blamed it on injuries but every Michigan fan knows that is BS. This was supposed to be the greatest offense in school history. It wasn't even the best this decade. The only insight we can provide is that Lloyd Carr is a riddle wrapped in an enigma. When the Michigan offense has 5 players (Henne, Hart, Long, Manningham, Arrington) taken in the first two rounds of this year's NFL Draft, people are really going to be scratching their heads.

- Great exchange between Lloyd Carr and Ron English after a Percy Harvin touchdown on a blow assignment. You can clearly see Lloyd go: "Why didn't you cover Harvin?" To which English responds: "You think I don't know that?!" The camera cut away after that but we can only hope Lloyd responded accordingly with, "You wanna end up like Boccher?!"

- How high will Adrian Arrington go in the NFL Draft (we're assuming he's gone, you should too)? He's a prototypical NFL wideout and really showed the entire repertoire yesterday. After being a knucklehead for the first part of his career, it's nice to see Arrington straightened his act out.

- How about Jamar Adams? People were calling for his head after the first two games, then turned around his season and capped it by destroying Tim Tebow. Somewhere Charles Drake is smiling.

- Urban Meyer might want to spend some more time on the recruiting trail with the defensive side of the ball. I know Florida lost Jarvis Moss and Reggie Nelson, but has a defense ever had a bigger one-year drop off than the Gators? This team can't stop anybody.

- I honestly think yesterday was the first time I've seen Will Johnson make a tackle all year. Where do we find these big white stiffs in the mold of Pat Massey, Norman Heuer and Grant Bowman? Enough already.

- Really classless move by Dick Rod after the game. If you didn't hear, Rodriguez gave Lloyd five minutes in the locker room with the team, then marched in, re-fired everyone except Fred Jackson and told the entire coaching staff "Get the fuck outta my locker room!"

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