When Al Montoya was picked 6th overall in the 2004 NHL Draft by the New York Rangers, he probably envisioned 2008 as a lot of nights in the Marquee VIP, hanging out with Victoria's Secret models and popping quaaludes with Lindsay Lohan.

Well it hasn't quite worked out that way.

Former 7th-round pick Henrick Lundqvist is now the King of New York and at just 25-years old, should be holding down court at MSG for another 15 years.

Meanwhile Al is stuck in Hartford, CT playing for the "Wolf Pack" and struggling through back injuries this season.

The Realests don't have a whole lot of sympathy for Al; the guy set a new standard for slapdicking it on the ice while at Michigan. No joke, when Red heard Al was bolting for the NHL, Berenson supposedly called him a "p****" - several Daily staffers can attest to that.

Can you say "Drew Henson," anyone?

Actually, Montoya did make the AHL All-Star game last season and should be Lundqvist's backup next year, then land his own starting gig somewhere else by 2010. Hang in there, Al.

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