We just saw a commercial for Fox's new show The Moment of Truth and we haven't been this excited since seeing the midget Anchondo in Bad Santa:

With sample questions such as "Do fat people repulse you?", "Have you ever given a girlfriend a Dirty Sanchez?" and "Have you ever fantasized about a three-way with your wife and a donkey?" it automatically vaults into The Realests' Most Evil Show of All Time.

It doesn't hurt that the show is hosted by the Devil himself - Mark L. Wahlberg - best remembered as the host of Temptation Island.

The current Most Evil Shows of All Time are as follows:

5. Welcome to the Neighborhood - ABC really hit the exacta with this one: Racist and homophobic. Unsurprisingly, the show never aired.

4. Temptation Island - The godfather of evil reality shows. A lot of you young bucks out there are too young to remember it, but watching Jason Kidd attempting to outrun the cameramen on the beach could be the best moment in reality TV.

3. Kid Nation - Little kids cutting the heads off live chickens - what's left to ponder? Bonus points for the kids getting to choose their own rewards: "Do you want clean water free of typhoid or....... pizza?!?!?!"

2. Are You Hot? - Possibly the greatest show idea of all time: Humiliating people and major babe factor. We will never forget the guy that used a laser pointer to point out the excess fat on people's bodies.

Oh well, it wasn't all bad:

1. The Moment of Truth - Point blank: This show is trying to get someone killed. Producers just hope they're lucky enough to catch it on camera. And if this guy is host, who's running Hell???

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