Update: Uh, whoops. Guess that was a little premature. As for the NCAA: How could you, you bastards?! Myles, we will never forgive you for this...

Oh what a glorious day! We've been like a brother to Willie Williams over the last couple, turbulent years.

Needless to say, when we opened up the New York Times today and saw a feature on 2W, we immediately howled "Anything's possibullllll!!!!!!!!" and woke our entire building.

As first reported by us, Willie is slummin' it this year at D-II Glenville State College after getting the boot from Louisville last year. But you'll be happy to know Willie spirit's are high, and that his sense of humor is still firmly intact with gems like these:

On going to Glenville: "Maybe Willie Williams needed a small town to stay focused."

On being free of distractions: "It’s just keeping me focused. There’s not a lot of distractions and everything so that makes it even better. The community and everything are helping hands. I told you, I be feeling like Rocky."

On seeing Glenville for the first time: "The road was just winding. It was like some real TV stuff to me. I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ When I saw everything, I was just like, ‘Willie, is that what you want to do?' "

OK, he's lost a little bit of his magic from high school but we're very relieved to see Willie still refers to himself in the third person.

As we always end these posts: Hang in there Big Willie Style!

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